Natural Resources Division

Natural Resources Division

Segale Properties continues to operate and/or own several rock and gravel pits throughout Washington State. Many of our pits have current long-term leases with several prominent companies.

Frenchman Hills Quarry

Frenchman Hills Quarry is a 338-acre rock quarry located in Othello, WA.

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Lang Pit

A 27-acre sand and gravel pit located in Castle Rock, WA. The site currently has approximately 1.25 million cubic yards of high-quality sand and gravel used in golf courses and landscaping. The material was originally placed on the site in the 1980s when M.A. Segale, Inc. dredged the Cowlitz River to remove the material after the eruption of Mt. St. Helens.

Olympia Pit

A 600-acre sand and gravel permitted pit located in Olympia, WA with access to the Burlington Northern rail line.

Auburn Pit

Our largest pit is in Auburn, WA on over 1,000-acres. This site is currently under a long-term lease with an international company.